Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day always starts on Saturday with a day out with my Mother-In -Law and all my sister in laws. We went to see the movie Emma, it was realy inspirational. I learned alot of new things out about Emma Smith. After we went to try a new Indian restaurant, The food was realy good, but don't get the desserts. After, I went to my mom's to wish her a happy mother's day. Mike was there with the kids, he had been working all day on my parents yard, the usual spring clean up. Mother's Day started off with Hunter bringing me a present he had been working on all week. Anytime I would walk in the room he would hurry and hide it. It was a little town he had made out of card stock. One of the houses had written on it candy factory, he filled it with whatever treats he could find. So very cute. He then went in the kitchen with Porter and Shelby, and got them each a bowl of cereal. He brought one to me also with a piece of toast. He is the cutest kid. Mike wasn't feeling up to doing to much, he has been working so hard on the yard. He bought KFC for dinner( I know it was Sunday) but it sure tasted good. I actually got a hot meal. I am so glad I have the opportunity to be a mother. I hope all you other mothers had a great day also.