Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a great fathers day weekend. Except for the fact they had us speak in sacrement. I definetly could have done without that. We all surprised Mike with a Darth Vader card that the boys picked out. He loved it. He enjoyed French Toast in the morning. And loved his dinner in the evening. If you try any of the recipes I posted, please try the banana pudding. I have even used those sandies cookies instead of the chessmen cookies. VERY GOOD. I am so grateful for Mike, he is a great husband and father. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Rivers and Monica said...

Hey Melanie. I was blog surfing tonight and one of my old high school friends had posted a new clip from the "Twilight" movie. Then I hopped on Dianna's blog. She has some pic's of your BBQ at the Wiley's. Anyway, I just thought that you looked like the girl they casted for Bella in the movie. I almost bought her new book today, but decided I could wait to borrow it from my sis.