Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Mike

Here is Mike with his Birthday present.
We had alot of fun New Years Eve, which by the way is Mike's Birthday. We decided we better try to break in his new 4-wheeler and have a little fun in the process. So we headed just up the street to the nearby mountain (seiously 5 minutes away) and take the kids on a sleigh ride. Nathan and Dianna and kids were nice enough to come along. I don't think I have had that much fun in the snow for along time. We all had fun sledding and riding around on 4-wheelers. Here is a video of Nate.

The kids having to much fun

That night we had Mike's fam over for more food and lots of fun. We laughed a little to hard.


Michelle said...

That looks so fun! Where was that exactly?

wileyfamilyof5 said...

It was the end of Bates Canyon. You go through the gate. Don't worry it is public land.Just remember to shut the gate.

Nathan and Dianna Wiley said...

Hey Mel, I laughed watching that clip of Nate again..seriously what a kid. We had a blast with you, got a little sore, but that should be a new tradition!!!

Ann Marie said...

WOW! You got a great new gift for the new year too! Our family dreams of having one of these too!

This is the only thing I love about snow.. Watching people play in it. What fun!
So happy for you!!

BTW: WHen you called I forgot to tell you... I made that Buffalo Chicken dip last night for a party and it was a HUGE hit! You'll have to do it sometime!!

Rady Family said...

Hey girl that looks like a ton of fun!! I think I would enjoy snow more if we had one of those too! I know the kids do!:) Your christmas looked really fun and nice too!! Sorry about the hair thing!! Hope to be able to do them next time!! Next christmas we are going to spend less time with family I think. :) We need to get together!