Monday, February 2, 2009


Since Shelby's Birthday is this month I thought I would post a little about her.

She is our little princess. After 2 boys it was nice to get a little girl in the mix. She can definatly hold her own with her rough and tumble brothers. She is very stuborn( I wonder where she gets that from?) It is hard to believe she is turning 3. She is all about princesses now.She loves anything princess. I have been lucky enough to find princess movies at DI for 2 dollars. She is daddy's little girl. You don't realize until you have a little girl of your own the special bond between daddy's and their little girls. We are truely blessed to have this wonderful little girl. The best surprise ever. Happy Birthday Shelby.


Rady Family said...

Hey Shelby you are a love baby too! We have one of those who is a fire cracker also! Too much for one boy!:) She is adorable! Happy Birthday Shelbygirl!!

Melissa Fisher said...

Happy Birthday to Shelby. She is adorable Mel! My boys have their daddy wrapped around their finger! It'll be interesting to see how a girl would be with her daddy. If we have one! Hope you are smiling! I know we need to get together!

Ann Marie said...

She is sooo you! I thought her baby picture was yours!

I remember how much you wanted a little girl, and I'm so glad you got her!

Happy Birthday! ~Ann

PS: Thanks for your kind thoughts and words on my blog.. Today is a good day! Happy weekend~