Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Been A While

Sorry that it has been so long since my last post. Mike was off all week and had no time to play on the computer. We spent the week pulling weeds and getting all our fall yard work done. We did take a trip to Elko to visit Mikes brothers family. That was a lot of fun. Shelby killed their pet Gerbil. Yikes. She thought it was just sick. I guess that is all you can say to a 2 year old who gets into the gerbil cage and squeezes it a little to hard. I felt so bad. Hopefully we will be able to stay a little longer next time. It has been great getting two of my kids on the full day school schedule. I feel like I can actually get some things done.


Ann Marie said...

Ohh no! Shelby gave it a little too much love.. :)

Glad you had a nice trip, and week!

Liz said...

thats hilarious! We used to have a hamster, but I got so sick of it that I chucked over the fence!