Monday, September 22, 2008

Tagged By Liz

I am: Mom, Daughter, Friend, Sister, Aunt

I think: What can I do to make myself a better person

I know: Life has its ups and downs

I want: My kids to grow up happy and confident

I have: 3 fun kids

I dislike: confrontation

I miss: my sister in California

I fear: dying without doing everything I need to.

I feel: stressed out

I hear: Shelby getting into somthing.

I smell: Apple Pie Air Freshner

I crave: ice cream, Chocolate

I cry: When I watch the notebook or any sappy movie

I usually: cook to feel better

I search: for any kind of bargain

I wonder: if we will ever be truely happy

I regret: losing touch with old friends

I love: my family

I care: about what other people think of me

I always: Want to be a good Mom.

I worry: about my children, what they do when I am not there

I am not: a worry wart

I remember: all the things I wish i could forget

I believe: In God and prayer.

I sing: ABBA when it comes on the radio

I don't always: give people the love they need

I argue: to much lately :(

I write: on a blog.

I win: I usually give in. I hate confrontation

I lose: at any sport

I wish: good health, happiness

I listen: to every kind of music

I am talented: In my kids eyes.

I can usually be found: playing with my kids, or online

I am scared: when I hear strange noises at night. I don't like ghosts.

I need: A girls night out every so often. Its good to let loose.

I forget: Everything, I think I have mommy alteimers

I am happy: when my family is happy

Who I'd like to "Tag" : Dianna, & Mandy


Ann Marie said...

I loved this tag! Very cute answers! I may have to try this one down the road too! :)

Ann Marie said...

Me again-
Love your new background too!

Liz said...

hey thanks for doing it!

Rady Family said...

Ok I am a slacker but I promise when Mike gets home I am going to do this without any interuptions!! Thanks for the tag!