Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back Form The Elk Hunt

We all had a fun time up in the mountains. The kids had fun building a fort. It was very cold, but we stayed warm by bundeling up and staying close by the fire.Mike chose not to get a tag this year, he just needed a vacation. I am glad that is what he opted to do, because his dad and brothers hadn't even seen one elk by the time we left to come home. It was realy nice to go up to the mountains and have some relaxation. The fall leaves were very beautiful this year. I am sure glad we have a trailer to keep us all warm. Also so I can cook some good food.


Ann Marie said...

The pictures all look great! The kiddies look cute and warm, and the leaves and trees look BEAUTIFUL!!
Glad you had a good/fun time, and yes.. you cook good food. :)

Nathan & Dianna Wiley said...

I want to go next year... You took some amazing pictures of the leaves!! Glad you guys had fun, shelb's looks cute in her "new" coat!! =)

Rady Family said...

Oh it looks like so much fun!! The picture with all three is so cute!! I am jealous!! I miss camping alot and the kids love to go!! Glad you all had fun!