Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME

Mike surprised me with an early Christmas present. He was so excited, he just couldn't wait until Christmas. I couldn't believe he did this. I love nice hair care products, but can rarely afford them. So I make do with the usual stuff. So he went out and got all of these great products by a company called J-Life. If you have never tried their products you need too. They are new to the U.S. but have been in London for many years. One of my favorite products is the shine spray. You just spray it on like hairspray and it makes your hair very shiny. Their hairspray is awesome too, it is very light weight. They also give you a guide with there products describing the use for each one ( how many of us can remember what each product does). The thing that surprised me is that he got products for my hair type. So just a big shout out for J-Life and my wonderful husband. :)


Leah said...

Nice! I'm always buying cheapo hair products because I talk myself out of getting quality stuff. Brian and I are always exchanging our gifts early, in fact, we usually don't have presents around the tree for us to open because we couldn't wait for the surprise.

Ann Marie said...

Way to go Mike!
Chad couldn't ever do that...
I will oneday for sure try it out..
I love good hair stuff!!