Monday, March 16, 2009

Porter's Party

Porter's party went well. Porter and his friends had lots of fun with the whole Indiana Jones theme. We started the party on a treasure hunt, through the house since the weather decided it wasn't spring. They had to cross a bridge of stones with letters, only stepping on the letters to spell Porter. Then they had too put their hands in a bucket of worms to find the next clue(spaghetti noodles) then they had to climb the dark mountain(the stairs to the bonus room) through the cave to find the treasure. What better treasure than a bowl of candy right.

I was a little concerned about the cake. but it turned out realy cute. Who knew if you add blue food coloring to chocolate frosting it makes grey. I never thought I would make grey frosting. But you can't have G-normus rock that is brown. I realized that would look like a horse bicuit. You can't have Indiana Jones running away from a huge horse biscuit. So if you need any help with an Indiana Jones Party let me know. Here are few Pictures from the Party. Aren't those hats the cutest?


Ann Marie said...

So dang cute!
Great job with the cake!
Your a talented girl Mel!

Mandy said...

Mel I love the cake! You did great! Better than I pictured!:) Looks like he had a ton of fun, they are always a lot of work but oh so fun cause they are not so fun the older they get!! :0 You did great!!

Kimmie said...

Thanks for your comment on my Blog. I made an Indiana Jones cake as well for my 7 year old son! His birthday was March 19th.

I loved your comments about making home made cream of wheat. Sounds delicious!

It's fun to meet other women that like and enjoy "cooking from scratch". Thanks for sharing!