Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Fever??

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have spring fever. I have been itching to go outside. Even to go camping. I love the sunshine pouring in the windows and the sound of Meadow Larks outside. If it weren't for the stinken wind I would be out there. I guess I need to get a kite.

My kids are just happy they can go out and ride their bikes again. I know Mike is excited to get out and ride his 4-wheeler. We are planning a trip up to a ghost town near by next week. Hopefully the weather holds?!So look for the post, on that if all goes well.


Ann Marie said...

I've got the spring fever too Mel!
Oooh! A ghost town! I wanna come!
Take some good pictures...

Mandy said...

Hey Melanie, Good to hear from you noticed you weren't at church yesterday hope all is well!! I so am getting sick of the snow!! I am watching it come down big time right now even as we speak and I want to scream!! I am so ready for spring!! maybe we can pray hard enough the LOrd will bless us!! :)

Photo By Emilie said...

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