Monday, June 15, 2009

Jacob City

We did this a few weeks ago but I am just getting to the post. Mike and I went on a four wheeler ride to Jacob City just above Stockton Utah. Thanks to Dianna and Nate who watched Shelby. We were able to go on this fun trip for a few hours. It has been a long,long, long time since, Mike and I were able to go out and have such a fun time. It was so nice to ride and have a great picnic lunch by a stream. I felt like we were dating again. However while having lunch Mike realized he didn't have his wallet or cell phone. We went into panic mode and had to back track the whole way looking for these two items. We were lucky enough to find them at the very last place to look. At the entrance to mine. They must have fallen out while crawling in.Besides all that we had a lot of fun exploring and just having fun. So if you ever want a fun day ride head to the little ghost town of Jacob City.Here is the link that I found helpful about getting there and little background history.


Ann Marie said...

Way cool!
Chad and I love stuff like this..
We'll have to go sometime!

MMMMM Funyons!

So glad you found the wallet and phone! :) Thanks for calling today!

Mandy said...

Hey Mel that sounds like FUN!! It is always a good day to get away without the kids and to feel like you are dating again!! How fun is that!! I want to do this with Mike(my Mike of course :) it seems like he is sooo busy especially with this swine flu going around we haven't seen much of him! Gotta get away!! Glad you had fun!!