Friday, September 25, 2009

Napolian Dynamite??

I promise you we feed our son. He literally eats like he is starving to death, however stays stick skinny. Lately he has been coming home from school with leftovers from his lunch in his pocket or backpack(YUCK). The first time he did this he came in with a chip bag from lunch with 2 chicken nuggets. He said he didn't want to waste them. As he proceeded to eat them. I thought he was for sure going to wake up in the night puking. I have tried to explain to him that he can't bring his food home. I guess the talk didn't work because a week later he came home with a WAFFLE. How on earth do you sneak a waffle out of the cafeteria?? So every week I am a little nervous to see what he might have brought home. I swear if anyone discovers what he is doing we will be reported to child services, they will think we are not feeding him. Oh the joys of motherhood. I guess I better check his pockets before washing, I might find a corn dog and some tots.


Nathan and Dianna Wiley said...

I don't know about that kid.. That is hilarious!! I can just hear him trying to rationalize bringing his food home.. He's going to eat through the roof!!

Mandy said...

I still laugh over this story!! I can't believe he is really doing that you really have got to feed him more, he must be afraid he will go to bed without dinner or something!! JK Hilarious!!

Ann Marie said...

LOL! Especially with the great cook that you are.. this is EXTRA funny!

On the brightside.. he isn't wasteful! :)