Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy finally made a visit to our house last night. Porter was so worried all last year that he hadn't lost a tooth. So finally he lost one in second grade. Good thing since I promised him that second grade was his year to loose a tooth. (since his brother lost his first one in second grade, I thought that would be a promise I could make.)Oh the trauma you have to face when you are 7 years old. I know I was grateful for all my late tooth getter's, since I was breastfeeding. All of my kids got there first tooth at 11 months. He was sure that he would never loose a tooth. Yesterday he woke up and noticed his tooth was loose, not very loose but loose just the same. I told him to keep wiggling it and it would come out soon enough. I guess he worked on that puppy all day, because when he got home from school it was just hanging there. I helped him wiggle it some more. But I'm not the adventurous type that will just grab it and yank it. So when Mike got home he asked to see it, he grabbed hold and yanked that sucker out. He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come he even went to bed early. When he woke up to change to make a dollar instead of a crisp bill, he was little disappointed. Mike told him the recession must have affected the tooth fairy also.:)I remember just getting a quarter for my teeth from the tooth fairy. Wow how things have changed.


Kimmie said...

Kids are SO much fun when they lose their first tooth!

Ethan lost his first tooth last year in first grade. He noticed it was loose when he woke up and it was the day of school photos. We told him to wait until he got home from school and dad would help him pull it out. Needless to say, he was so excited he pulled it out on the bus and was missing it for photos.

We have always put "Sacajawea dollar coins" for the special coins from the tooth fairy. Since, we keep these hidden from the kids and they never see these coins in our house they think it is a special thing to get a different coin from the tooth fairy. The faith and excitement of little kids is priceless!

(BTW...I agree with you that all I got was a quarter under my pillow from the tooth fairy when I lost my teeth).

Have a FUN week! I'll have to try making cabbage rolls with meatloaf inside them. I have never tried them that way.

I tried searching for Caramel Pear pudding on your Blog and I only came across Bread Pudding. I would love to try out your pear recipe. I'll have to get your email address as well so I can email you when I have questions instead of asking all my questions in your "Comments".

Kimmie said...

Thank you SO much for the Pear pudding recipe! Looks absolutely delicious. I was given some pears from my neighbor and there's not enough to can and I wanted to make something yummy with them. I'll let you know how it turns out.

BTW...my email is: kimberlysmiles@gmail.com

Enjoy your evening!

Ann Marie said...

Aw cute Porter!
Funny that the tooth fairy is in a recession! :)

Have you been canning? You need to post more of your yummy recipes for fall!