Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cutest Hair Bows

My great friend Melissa, sells the cutest hair bows. So I thought I would post a shout out to her. Here is the link to her site The one thing I like about her bows are that they are very well made, no raveling or one time use bows here. She also puts a no slip on the clip. Which is great for those girls with fine hair.
Here are few pictures from her site.


Ann Marie said...

Very very cute!
Can one ever have enough hair accessories? Apparently not to me!

Melissa Fisher said...

Thank you Mel! I hope your little Shelby loves those "go utes" colored ones! :o) When I get some actual "UofU" ribbon, I'll make her some more. So fun to visit recently! Thanks for the rice recipe too. I'll be making it.

Melissa Fisher said...

I just noticed, there is no link. :o)