Monday, February 25, 2008

How Embarrassing

Saturday I took the opportunity to go the local grocery store without my older ones in tow, knowing they would ask a million questions about the item I had to purchase.I had to buy a 12 oz bottle of beer for a recipe I wanted to try. I have never bought beer before, so I tried the best I could to conceal it in my cart, hoping not to run into someone I knew. I finally made it to the check stand, with my 3gallons of milk and a beer. As the cashier rang it up, she asks would you like this kept out for drive home?? I am so sure, my life is that miserable that I need that beer for the drive home(is that even legal?). Then she realizes that she can't sell it to me because it came from a six pack. Next, she calls over a young bagger and asks her to go back and see if there is anything comparable. She comes back with a 24 oz. At this point just ring it up and get me out of here. I think I learned my lesson. I am not cooking with beer no matter how great the recipe is. Also that I didn't need my kids there to embarrass me, I did that myself.


Annban10 said...

That is hilarious! Yah, if I ever did that, I know I would see other ward members. How did the recipe turn out?? I wonder if you could use an apple beer or something!

Very funny, and wise not to take the boys with you. :)