Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am so excited today. I know most people find genealogy work boring. I find it so interesting to try to uncover the past. I just had a huge breakthrue in my Grandma Hendrickson's genealogy. I know it was meant to happen and I am so excited. My great-great grandmothers daughter Constanza was a missing piece in our family for years and I have found one of her direct decedents and have found out so much.

It all started when Constanza married her step-father, it was the days of polygamy. It upset her mother so much that she did divorce him and later her mother did also. After this we knew nothing of Constanza.

About a month ago I posted on gen-forum about Constanza. Someone replied and said they had record of Constance marrying a Sorensen. That was it.

Yesterday I was checking other sights and found someone posted that they were researching Constance Sorensen. I quickly posted back to see if they had information on Constances parents. Her parents are the same as Constanza. I can't tell you how excited I am that I know we can get her 8 children and her husband sealed to her. We didn't even know she had children or that she remarried. Or changed her name. So that is why it was divine intervention that we found her and we're able to get things in motion. I know my Grandmother probably had something to with this on the other side.

So never give up if you find yourself stuck.


Annban10 said...

Soo cool! Soo Cool!!
I agree, it probably was Grandma H. helping you all the way! Yeah for you being a diligent granddaughter, and seeking for it! Keep us updated! Yeah!