Friday, April 25, 2008

I know I havn't Posted this week

Sorry, but my life isn't that interesting this week. We have all been busy on the yard, well mostly Mike. He has been coming home every night working on the sprinkler system until about 8:00.So we have hardly seen him. He is such a hard worker. I think I am just lazy. I wish I had the momentum that he has. The kids have been fighting all week. I started a chore chart for the boys, to give them a little motivation to complete daily chores. However I think it backfired, whenever one gets a sticker they start arguing that the other has more stickers. So that has been my week sorry for ranting.


Annban10 said...

We all have been there Mel. If there is something to fight or argue about.. They will. I remember oneday telling the kids if they wouldn't fight or argue for the whole day, we would go to Artic Circle, and they could get whatever icecream they wanted. It worked! Unfortunately we can't do that every night..

I am having a bad week too. I've already called Chad and told him I need to get out as soon as I can!

PS: You realy need to come out here and get some pictures from your Mom so you can do Flashback friday. If you come out, call me and I'll take you to lunch. :)

Nathan & Dianna Wiley said...

Is it a full moon or something cause my kids have been extra challenging too! Just read my blog about my day today..sheesh! Glad that I'm not the only one! I feel much like Ann, I need a break too! Love ya!