Monday, May 18, 2009

Warm Weather

I am so happy to have all this sunshine. However I am not liking all the weeds to pull. They never seem to end. Mike an I were out weeding for most of saturday I have to say I HATE WEEDS. What I do love is this warm weather. Mike and the boys got me a new bike for mothers day. The funny thing is I havn't been so excited for bike since my 9th birthday. However this one doesn't have a banana seat. Wow that makes me feel old.We have been going on family bike rides now. We look like a family on parade route. We have loved riding to the lake and seeing and feeding the ducks. Shelby gets so excited everytime the ducks swim to get her peice of bread. Hunter has been a little character lately. I finally got out the capries even though I am as white as a ghost. And not to mention it was a little chilly in the mornings. As all you ladies know what happens when we get goosebumps. Hunter informs me that I am going to have a legstach both mike and I said what, he explains like a mustach on moms legs. Mike starts laughing so hard he is crying. So needless to say we now have a new word in our family.


Mandy said...

Mel I wanted to thank you so much for giving me your yummy sandwich recipe the other day!! It worked out great!! Thanks for all your help you are such a sweet friend and I know I can always count on you for your great ideas! Thanks for being you!! Have a good Memorial Day!!

Ann Marie said...

Bahahahaaa! Hunter is so funny!

Wow! A new bike! So cool!!
I love this weather too..

PS: Would you get a following button? I want to see when you update girl! :)

Ann Marie said...

I'm following!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now.. post some more of your yummy recipes.. We need some summer ideas here!

Melissa Fisher said...

Awesome! A legstach. LOL! I hate the weeds too. I also hate the bugs. I love warm weather, but I guess we have to pay a price. Having the bugs and weeds make us appreciate winter more!